The Art Giraffe Pen And ink House Portraits

Please take some close ups of your house.  I can add details to show the character and uniqueness of your house.

Cost:  8"x10" =$165.00 includes shipping

          11"x14" or 12"x16"=$215.00 includes shipping

The latest house portrait

Each is a challenge and a treasure.

Click on individual houses to sharpen the drawings.

A Bad Photo:
Taking a straight on shot gives no perspective causing a flat image without depth.
A Good Photo: 
Take a picture from a corner to show perspective. 


To order, or for more information:  Contact Brenda at

House Portraits

The Art Giraffe pen and ink house drawings are portraits of your house.  Each is a unique as you have made your home.  They make great gifts for all occasions.

Included are some samples of houses I have drawn.

Photography Hints

For Your House Portrait

This photo doesn't show the perspective of the house. Plus, no details.